Learning in the Context of the Bigger Picture

with Tony Dunford

In this episode, Richard is joined by Tony Dunford, a highly skilled and experienced Learning Practitioner.   Tony is known for his skill and expertise in leading large learning teams and bringing contemporary learning to life in large and complex organisations.

In this episode, Richard and Tony explore the topic of Learning in the Context of the Bigger Picture.

Together Richard and Tony discuss the following questions:

  1. When we refer to the Bigger Picture in the context of learning, what are we actually referring to, and how important is that Bigger Picture to the success of learning?
  2. When recommending a learning intervention, as learning practitioners we are keen to understand the context of the Business Strategy, why is this so important?
  3. The term Strategy gets a lot of airplay in learning circles, why do you think this is the case?
  4. Tactics is another term frequently used in association with Strategy, what do you think the key differences are between Strategy and Tactics in the context of Learning, and why is it important that we make a distinction between the two?
  5. A Learning Strategy takes time to socialise, modify and integrate, what advice could you give our listeners to ensure they go the distance, particularly with larger learning interventions?
  6. How important is Stakeholder Engagement in relationship to Learning in the Context of the Bigger Picture?