“Assessing what matters to ensure success”

Assessment of your training programs assists in determining if the intervention achieved the required results or whether further interventions may be required.

Depending on the program, assessment may be conducted at a number of key points, such as:


Conducting a pre-training assessment can be very valuable when you need to determine the current knowledge levels. The results of the pre-training assessment can also assist in the design, development and delivery of any program.

Immediately Post Session

An assessment delivered immediately after a session will help consolidate your learners understanding of the material presented. You are also likely to gain more information if feedback is solicited when you have the attention of your learners.

A Set Period Post Session

Conducting an assessment after some time has elapsed will assist in determining if the learning has transferred to the workplace, or whether further interventions are needed.


“An integral component of the Risk Fundamentals program was the inclusion of evidence-based, on-the-job assessment. Richard’s ability to help stakeholders recognise the value of this assessment method was invaluable to the success of the project.”

Ann Brady
Senior Manager – Future of Work, Westpac