Capability Frameworks

“Benchmarking your capabilities to your workplace needs”

Whilst each capability framework will be unique, the following provides an illustration of the stages involved in building a framework.

Stage 1 – Review of Current State  

We will discuss with you the roles within scope, the size and location of your workforce, and the roles which will have the greatest impact on the success of your capability uplift requirements.

We will review all available resources such as job descriptions, performance criteria, and employee workbooks and manuals, to ensure a detailed understanding of your unique needs.

Stage 2 – Discussion of Required Capabilities

In determining the appropriate set of capabilities for your key roles, we will work with you to determine the required levels of competency whether they be foundation, intermediate or mastery levels. 

We will also discuss the skills, attitudes and behaviours required for each level within each capability.

Typically, stakeholder interviews are conducted with those performing roles deemed key to the success of the capability framework requirements.

Stage 3 – Drafting of Capability Framework

Post the consulting phase, we will draft detailed capabilities for the determined roles within scope, inclusive of:

  • Required levels of competency, e.g. foundation, intermediate, mastery
  • Skill, attitude and behaviour requirements for each level within each capability


“I worked closely with Richard on the Rest Skills Initiative which was focussed on developing a holistic program to deliver excellence in service to claimants. Richard was able to build strong collaborative relationships with key people and create bespoke modules that were transformative. I highly recommend Richard.”

Sharon Whitney
Service Enhancement Lead, Rest