Learning Strategy

“Making it easier and quicker to develop your learning strategy.”

Whilst each situation is unique, we will typically consult on the below two key areas:

Current State

We will work with you to assess the current state of your learning, determining areas of strength and areas where improvements could be introduced.

Ideal State

Then, we will work with you to determine a realistic and achievable future state, one which leverages your current strengths and closes the gaps on any areas of weakness. In determining the appropriate strategy, some or all of the following elements may be taken into consideration:

  • Learning culture
  • Learning management systems
  • Knowledge databases
  • In-house subject matter expertise
  • In-house communication strategy and technologies
  • Facilitation capability
  • Desired outcomes
  • Management support
  • Available resources and budget


“Richard has completely transformed our business from a habitual process to a visionary masterpiece in a very short period of time. Richard has the unique ability to see the bigger picture and to transform the worn and tired to the fresh and invigorated whilst taking the whole organisation on the change journey with him. Sometimes you just want someone to make things easy and that is definitely what he has done. He is a true master of his craft and a true leader of strategy for corporations who have been doing it the same way for years and really want a change!”

Milo-Arne Peady
Head of Academy and Education, AMP