Identifying Learning Needs and Application of Learning

with Tony Dunford

In this episode, Richard is joined by Tony Dunford, a highly skilled and experienced Learning Practitioner. Tony is known for his skill and expertise in leading large learning teams and bringing contemporary learning to life in large and complex organisations.

Together Richard and Tony discuss the following questions:

Identifying Learning Needs

  1. When determining Learning Needs, where do we start?
  2. What do we do when we receive a request to develop and deliver training which you believe is not steaming from a need?
  3. Can we influence those making a request to better understand the true learning needs they may have?
  4. How much attention should we pay to having needs clearly articulated, agreed and signed off?

Application of Learning

  1. What is the first thing we need to consider when ensuring learning is applicable to the job?
  2. If we are not familiar with what or how a person performs their job, how can be sure the learning we are building is applicable to them?
  3. What do we do to ensure a learning program is future proof?
  4. Should we consider application for all learning, what about just raising awareness of certain topics?